Primary School Vouchers

The South Australian State Government has a program for primary school children which grants families $100 per child each year toward the playing fees for a sporting club for an eligible child. You can use the school voucher program only once per child each year. 

If you have a primary school student, you can use your $100 'State Government Sports Voucher' toward your fees for Aussie Hoops, Domestic or District basketball.

Please note: Your fees must be paid first (or a payment plan entered for District) - we will then refund you the $100 once approval from Government is received (see step 3 & 4 below). 

The Sports Voucher process is: 

1. Parent to download the Sports Voucher form: they are available at

2. Parent to fill out Sports Voucher form and bring it into the club office on a Saturday or Sunday morning or Tuesday afternoon (or Saturday afternoon for Aussie Hoops & Domestic), along with your Medicare Card for us to sight. The form will then be marked 'verified' by the club.

3. Once the voucher form and Medicare card details are received, the club sends the voucher/rebate claim into the Government (this happens in a batch once a fortnight). The process is required so the Government can confirm that the child is eligible and the voucher hasn't been used at another club as well (it can only be used once). 

4. Once the Government has confirmed eligibility, the club will refund you the $100. 

If you have any queries then please contact the club by email.

You can return to the Fee Payment Information page here: Player Registration & Fee Payments