Primary School Vouchers

The South Australian State Government has a program for primary school children which grants families $100 per child each year toward the playing fees for a sporting club for an eligible child. You can use the school voucher program only once per child each year. 

If you have a primary school student, you can use your $100 'State Government Sports Voucher' toward your West Adelaide Bearcats' fees using the following process.



1. Parent to download the Sports Voucher form: they are available at

2. Parent to fill out Sports Voucher form and either:

(a) bring it into the club office on a Sunday morning between 9.30am and 11am, along with your Medicare Card for us to sight. The form will then be marked 'verified' by the club and placed in the letterbox on the club office door for our administration team to collect during the week


(b) outside of those hours, parent to place the form directly into the letterbox on the club office door along with an attached photocopy of your Medicare card for us to reference (sighting the Medicare card is a Government requirement).

3. Once the voucher form and Medicare card details are received, the club will send the voucher/rebate claim into the Government (this happens in a batch once a fortnight). 

4. Once the claim is paid to the club by the Government the parent will be contacted by the club with a 'coupon code' to then use to reduce your fees by $100 when making your online Bearcats' fee payment.

5. Parents using this process will not be regarded as 'overdue' with their fees, but as being in the process of paying.

The process is required so the Government can confirm that the child is eligible and the voucher hasn't been used at another club as well (it can only be used once).

If you have any queries then please contact the club by email at:  

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