Player Registration & Fees


This page covers how to:
(A) Register to Play Metro & District Basketball
(B) Transfer to or from another District club

(C) Purchase your training & playing uniforms

(D) Pay Your Bearcats Fees for Metro, District and/or Domestic competitions



All Junior and Senior District players must register with Basketball SA (BSA) before they can play. This registration will require a payment to BSA, which varies from about $24 to $40 depending on age group. This payment is separate to club fees, which are explained in Part D of this page. 

District Players please use this link to register with Basketball SA: BSA Registration link (opens new window and takes you to external site) 


If you are transferring from another Club, you will need a clearance - see details at 'B' below. 



If you are transferring or have previously registered with another District club in South Australia at any time you will need to be cleared to play with the Bearcats.

To obtain a clearance you must ask the Secretary of your previous club in writing and copy in Basketball SA ( The previous club must respond within 14 days, either granting the clearance, or providing a reason why the clearance cannot be granted. The only legitimate reason for not granting a clearance is if the player is not financial with the previous club or is holding club equipment.

Once you have your clearance please inform West Adelaide and Basketball SA by forwarding the email to Sue Porter (West Adelaide Club Secretary) at and BSA Competitions at

The same process applies if you wish to be cleared from the Bearcats to play with another club. Please contact Sue Porter as the first step. There is a $55 administration fee to be cleared from the Bearcats. 



If you are playing District Basketball with the Bearcats you will need to buy playing and training uniforms, but first get issued an official uniform number. The club will arrange loan uniforms early in the season if necessary. 

Detail for how to do this is on our DISTRICT UNIFORMS page. 


In this section: 

  • Domestic Fees

  • Metro & District Fees

Domestic Player Fees – paid per Term

  • U8/10/12: Saturday Afternoon Domestic - $100 for term includes Saturday game and a training session (training day/time varies by age)

  • U8/10/12: Friday Afternoon Domestic - $75 for seven weeks in Term 4 2021, includes training sessions and game

  • "High School Domestic": Monday Afternoon Domestic - $75 includes training sessions and game



The State Government provides a $100 voucher to go toward sporting club fees for primary school children. Please provide a completed voucher to the club. You can only use your voucher once and for one sport per calendar year. More about Sports Vouchers can be found below (School Sports Vouchers) - we require payment of fees first and will then refund the sports voucher amount once it has been approved by Government. 


To pay Domestic Fees please follow this link: DOMESTIC FEE PAYMENT

Metro & District Player Fees for the 2021 Season


By paying your fees you are agreeing to abide to the following codes and policies:

  • Bearcats' Player and Parent Code of Conduct

  • BSA Code of Conduct

  • BSA Zero Tolerance Policy

All the club codes and policies are available to read on the Governance & Club Policies page on this website. 



Fees for the different ages and Divisions for 2021 are as follows: 


Under 10 - all Metro/District players

  • Full year (Summer + Winter season) = $570

  • Summer season only = $228 (4 months)

  • Winter season only = $342 (6 months)

Under 12/14/16/18 “Metro League” players (Div 1 & 2)

  • Full year (Summer + Winter season) = $870

  • Summer season only = $348 (4 months)

  • Winter season only = $522 (6 months)

Under 12/14/16/18 “District League” players (Divisions 3/4/5/6 etc)

  • Full year (Summer + Winter season) = $770

  • Summer season only = $308 (4 months)

  • Winter season only = $462 (6 months)

Under 21/23/Senior players

  • ​Full year (Summer + Winter season) = $500

  • Summer season only = $200 (4 months)

  • Winter season only = $300 (6 months)


Included in the 2021 club fees will be:

  • A new warm-up top for every fee paying Metro & District junior player (U10-U18)(value: $45 if purchased separately)

  • Free family entry to our nine NBL1 Central home games at Port Adelaide (plus any home finals)

  • A team session with a new Dr Dish shooting machine ( which the club plans to purchase later this year when stock arrives from overseas.


You can use a Primary School Sports voucher towards junior fees (see below for how). 




WHOLE YEAR (10 months)


Monthly payments: NOW CLOSED. Sign-up for a full-year monthly payment plan has now concluded (from end April 2021). If you signed up for a whole year monthly payment plan during Summer season you need take no further action. Your monthly debits will continue and cover Winter season.


If you did NOT sign up for a whole year plan during Summer season, you can pay fees in the following ways. 


SUMMER FEES (4 months)


There is now only one option to pay Summer fees. 

One payment for all Summer fees can be made online here: SUMMER SEASON FULL PAYMENT LINK

WINTER FEES (6 months)

There are two options for how to pay Winter fees:


Monthly payments can be cancelled at any time if a player stops playing. If you sign up for monthly payments you will receive a confirmation email from the service provider IntegraPay. If you do not receive the confirmation email please let the club know. 


  • You can use the State Government School Sports Vouchers to reclaim $100 for primary school aged children. Please sign up for or pay your fees first and the full amount of the sports voucher will be reimbursed to you after it is approved by the Government – see below for further detail

  • There are discounts for third children and for country players – please contact the Treasurer via email at to make arrangements 

  • You can pay fees in cash or using EFTPOS at the club office (open Saturday & Sunday mornings & Tuesday afternoons)

  • Coach, Coordinator and Team Manager reimbursements will be paid at the end of 2021 – details regarding amounts and payments will be communicated directly to those people who give their time to do these jobs

  • The club can also make alternate arrangements with people, including direct debit, but you must contact the club via email at 


The South Australian State Government has a program for primary school children which grants families $100 per child each year toward the playing fees for a sporting club for an eligible child. You can use the school voucher program only once per child each year. 

If you have a primary school student, you can use your $100 'State Government Sports Voucher' toward your fees for Aussie Hoops, Domestic or District basketball.

Please note: Your fees must be paid first (or a payment plan entered for District) - we will then refund you the $100 once approval from Government is received (see step 3 & 4 below). 

The Sports Voucher process is: 

1. Parent to download the Sports Voucher form: they are available at

2. Parent to fill out Sports Voucher form and bring it into the club office on a Saturday or Sunday morning or Tuesday afternoon (or Saturday afternoon for Aussie Hoops & Domestic), along with your Medicare Card for us to sight. The form will then be marked 'verified' by the club.

3. Once the voucher form and Medicare card details are received, the club sends the voucher/rebate claim into the Government (this happens in a batch once a fortnight). The process is required so the Government can confirm that the child is eligible and the voucher hasn't been used at another club as well (it can only be used once). 

4. Once the Government has confirmed eligibility, the club will refund you the $100. 

If you have any queries then please contact the club by email.