2014 AGM & President's Report


After 11 years in the position, Ian Walsh stood down as President of the West Adelaide Bearcats Basketball Club at the AGM on 9 November 2014. The club thanks Ian for his years of service which saw the club recover from a perilous position to once again be a vibrant member of the South Australian basketball community. This is the speech Ian gave at the AGM:


This is my last report to the West Adelaide Basketball membership after eleven years as President.


Having completed the eleven years I can confirm it’s been an honour and a pleasure to serve the Bearcats basketball community in this capacity. A key point I want to underline is that there has been a wonderful spirit of cooperation from those who actively assist with the club activities, which makes the President’s job relatively easy.


It has been eleven years that has passed very quickly, and I must confess when I was enticed into accepting the position I initially wanted what I thought was the one and only year to speed by so I could complete my commitment and thereafter get on with my own business and personal life. I must confess however, I have somewhat enjoyed the challenges the position presented over the years and found there were a number of positives that have been achieved.


At this point I specifically mention the initial support provided by Peter Shattock, Sue Porter, Darrel Simmons, Bob Hunnerup and Jim Drake. At that time the club was part of BASA which went into administration shortly after taking on the President role; with the club thereafter needing to work through a number of obstacles to remain an active and competitive club within a South Australian basketball infrastructure. 


There is a majority of Committee activity that goes sight unseen by members where there are no accolades but this work and effort is vital in confirming we have a professionally managed club.


Over the years some of the more tiresome work of the Executive comes as a consequence of administrative necessity such as filling out paperwork, application forms, arranging insurance cover, participating in surveys, interviews for media, meetings with other clubs, the peak body of basketball, administering finances and dealing with correspondence. I have been grateful for the many hours of support given by the club executive in assisting in the many tasks and I wish to thank each one for the constructive spirit of our regular meetings.


During my time as President our members have been fortunate to have such a “can do” group who are dedicated in working to improve and develop the basketball game available to members and players.


Looking at the last 12 months, it has been a good period that has continued to build on the good progress over recent seasons.


I am not going to reiterate our 2014 successes and achievements or for that matter work still to be done, as this has been done regularly throughout the year via our web site, newsletter, other social media forums and presentation functions. I do however look to the future by setting a challenge to the incoming Committee for consideration and their action.


A major motivation in the second half of the year was to do some work on a club strategic plan that hopefully will be followed up by the new committee. This plan comes at a critical time for the club as the success achieved with the sustained growth of the club over many years cannot be assumed to continue without member involvement and participation.


Effort will be needed to continue and maintain this success. Taking the foundation of the plan from its embryonic state will be an important exercise to show how best to move forward as a club, bringing with the membership the positive aspects of the club. I implore the committee to keep the strategies interesting and forward thinking so that the club is better placed for the success it richly deserves.


In any community environment club spirit is an important element in the growth and popularity of any club and over the “President” years I have been pleased to see the development of a strong club identity and spirit with both long and short term members. This can only be maintained by a growing recognition amongst the members that they are part of a very successful club.


The future is up to all of us. With much needed additional court space and perhaps a new “home” stadium there needs to be a lot of dialogue about how some of our vision can be achieved. For that to happen, we need to know what our needs really are and any member ideas should be put forward for consideration.


I would like to personally thank the efforts of not only the 2014 committee but also the committees and volunteers I have been associated with. We have made many decisions together and reflected much on our activities as a committee and club within the greater basketball community. As we progress to the voting and electing of a new committee I would like you to note that it is a rare opportunity to get involved in a committee such as this – for a not for profit organisation that is member operated. With this in mind I encourage you to have a go and get involved. It is only one year or more if you choose and it will enrich your experience.


The committees over the years have achieved so much and I feel pleased to pass the baton on to a new committee, I’m sure who are full of enthusiasm, new ideas. I thank the outgoing committee for their hard work, commitment to attending meetings and their friendship.


Good luck and best wishes to the incoming Committee who I am confident will continue to grow the sport of basketball in the western suburbs of Adelaide. Our history and standing, locally, state wide and nationally, as a progressive, professional and well-presided basketball club must be maintained.


I am hoping to remain involved with the club in some capacity, however what and when are questions still to be answered.


I conclude by thanking all those that have been a friend who just listened or assisted and supported me in my role, keep up the good work.


Thank you.






2014 AGM - election of positions


The following people were elected to the 2015 Executive Committee of the West Adelaide Bearcats Basketball Club at the AGM on 9 November 2014 (listed in alphabetical order):


  • Tim Brenton

  • Geoff Dodd

  • Shayne Kaesler

  • Sue Porter

  • Darrel Simmons

  • Mark Williamson

  • Steve Wormald


At the first meeting of the new Executive Committee Mark Williamson was elected to the position of President.