Origin Energy special offer

Hi all Bearcat families


The club is pleased to announce a special limited-time ‘refer a friend’ arrangement with Origin Energy.


What is the arrangement?


Origin is keen to secure new customers before June 30 and they want to be able to pitch an offer to as many people as possible. The offer will include a $75 credit applied to your first bill for each fuel you take across to Origin (e.g. gas, electricity), as long as you are referred by the club.  You must be a new customer, not a current Origin customer.


What do you need to do?


Provide the club your first name, surname and email address and tell us you want to hear from Origin. We will provide those details to Origin and they will contact you.


How does the club benefit?


The club will receive a $75 gift card for every fuel that you sign up for (so $75 for gas, $75 for electricity etc, if you switch).


Are we advocating a switch? It's up to you, but what have you got to lose by enquiring?


It is up to Origin to provide an offer that suits you compared to your current arrangements. The club does not know the details of any offer. Switching is a personal decision for you to make after listening to Origin and assessing their offer.


So - you decide whether to see what Origin has to offer; you decide whether to switch after that. It’s all up to you.  The club will provide absolutely no details to Origin unless you contact us and ask us to.


You can also promote this offer to your friends and have them referred via the club – they do not have to be a club member, but must be directly referred to Origin via the club.


Summing up ... 


Remember this is a limited offer until 30 June, and you must be referred by the club to qualify for the $75 credit if you switch and for the club to benefit. The offer will also initially be limited to the first 26 fuels switched (the potential benefit to the club is currently capped at $2,000).


This is an ‘opt-in’ offer – you need to opt-in; the club will provide absolutely no details to Origin unless you contact us and ask us to.


If you would like review your energy plan and to hear from Origin then email the club at westbearcats.feedback@gmail.com with your full first name, last name and email address. Please put ‘I’d like to hear from Origin’ in the header of your email.



Geoff Dodd
President, West Adelaide Bearcats Basketball Club