Bearcats Membership

As detailed in the Club’s Constitution, the West Adelaide Bearcats Basketball Club has three categories of Membership:


  • Life Member

  • Playing Member

  • Ordinary Member


Playing Membership and Ordinary Membership must be renewed annually, while Life Membership is perpetual (unless rescinded by the Club under circumstances described in the Constitution). Life Members and Ordinary Members have the right to vote at the Club AGM or Special Meetings.


How do I become a Member?


Life Membership: is the highest honour that can be bestowed by the club for longstanding and valued service to the club and the sport in South Australia. Life Membership can only be awarded at the AGM in accordance with the requirements of the Club Constitution.


Playing Membership: A Player Member is a person of any age registered to play basketball with the club and who has paid (or had paid for them) the required playing fee for the season. Playing members aged 18 or over may also become Ordinary Members (see below). Playing Membership does not convey the right to vote at formal club meetings.


Ordinary Membership: Ordinary Members must be aged 18 or over. In 2016 Ordinary Membership is granted in two ways:

(1) Completion of the appropriate Membership Form, payment of a $20 Membership Fee and acceptance by the Executive Committee; or

(2) Completion of the appropriate Membership Form and a minimum level of volunteering, which is recognised and accepted by the Executive Committee. People who are Team Coaches; Team Managers; Age Group Coordinators; Age Group Coaching Directors; Office Volunteers; Executive Committee Members; or who in another way serve the club by volunteering (with formal recognition of that service at the discretion of the Executive Committee) are granted automatic Ordinary Membership for the year in which they are serving.


The 2015/16 Membership Form (Ordinary Membership) can be downloaded here: 2015/16 Membership Form (Ordinary Membership) (PDF)


Voting right at AGM or Special Meetings


According to the Club Constitution, only Life Members and Ordinary Members of nine months standing have the right to vote at the AGM or at other Special Meetings.