Just One Thing ...

At our junior presentation last September we handed out more than 100 certificates of appreciation to our wonderful volunteers. This reflects the amazing amount of support we get from a whole range of people from around the club community.


But, with more than 400 families in the club, imagine what we could achieve if each family would come forward and help with ‘Just One Thing’, be it for an hour, a day or a season.


This page lists a few of the opportunities that will exist this year for people to do ‘Just One Thing’ for the club in 2017. Some are small, lots are ‘one-offs’, some are bigger – but all help is valuable. So have a look and please consider if you can volunteer some time to help the club if you aren't already.




The Bearcats July Mid-Year Carnival is a major club fundraiser. The organising committee does an amazing job every year in the preparation and execution of the carnival, which has 1,000 participants from all over Adelaide and beyond, playing in four or more venues from Thursday night to Sunday afternoon. And they need your help.


The carnival team is very keen to lock in stadium managers for each day at each venue as soon as possible. The task is actually quite easy – just handing out and collecting score sheets, reporting scores back to the control point and directing queries to the committee. Training will be provided. The committee is also looking for coordinators and volunteers for other small tasks in the lead up to and over the weekend.


The carnival committee will be holding an information session on the 22nd of March from 6.30pm-7.30pm in the board room at Port Adelaide. If you are interested in attending, please contact Gaby on carnival@westbearcats.net




Julie does an outstanding job running the club office on Sunday mornings from 9.30am to 11am. We are looking for a couple of people to learn the ropes of how the office works with Julie, so that she can have the occasional Sunday off and we can perhaps open the office at other times. The role includes merchandise and uniform sales and orders, fee payments, and helping with general club inquiries. If you are interested in helping then please contact Julie on juliew8910@hotmail.com




The club’s 2017 Season Launch will be held on Friday 17 March, from 6.30pm at the club. The launch will feature former Bearcat and Australian Opal player Erin Phillips. A flyer is now available on the club website at www.westbearcats.net. If you would like to be part of the event team for this night then please contact Geoff at westbearcats.president@gmail.com




The club runs a BBQ at many club events like the season launch and other occasions (for example, see below). If you can cook a snag then you can help!


Bunnings BBQ: The club has the opportunity to run the BBQ at Bunnings Woodville on a few occasions during 2017. The first two of these are actually weekdays – Thursday 6 April and Friday 12 May. We are looking for a BBQ coordinator and a number of volunteers to help run the BBQ, which must run from at least 9am to 4pm. Hopefully we will get some weekend dates later in the year. If you are interested in helping with the Bunnings BBQ for a few hours please contact us at westbearcats.feedback@gmail.com


June long weekend: This June long weekend when many of us are at carnivals in Melbourne, a craft & antiques fair (!) will be held at the stadium. We are looking for a BBQ crew for that event, to cover the breakfast and lunchtime periods. If you are interested in helping then again please contact westbearcats.feedback@gmail.com




The club would like to hold a Quiz Night during 2017 at a date and location yet to be decided! If you have some experience with these nights or want to be part of the organising team from the ground floor up, then please let Geoff know on westbearcats.president@gmail.com




Each year we have professional team and individual photos taken for purchase by parents and others. These are great fun to look back on to see how kids change over time. We are looking for a photo coordinator to organise, schedule and run the day the photographs are taken and then the photo approval and distribution process. If you can help with this task then please let Sue know on portsu@optusnet.com.au




Last year the club ran a major raffle for the first time in many years, which raised a nice amount of funds. We are looking for a raffle coordinator to take over the running of this year’s major raffle, from concept through to prize delivery. If you can help with this task then please let Geoff know on westbearcats.president@gmail.com




The club has a good digital presence, with our website being our ‘front window’ to the world and Facebook and Instagram providing lots of club news. We want to keep those channels growing and add more planned content from around the club. Dale Fletcher has recently returned to Adelaide to become The Advertiser’s Digital Sports Editor – and to join our Executive of course. If you are interested in being part of an expanded ‘Bearcats Digital Team’ then let Dale know at dale.fletcher@news.com.au  




The club is looking to grow our sponsorship base and to better service our partners. We’d like to find someone willing to take on a ‘sponsorship support’ role to implement some ideas we have. If that sounds like it’s something you could be into, then please let Geoff know at westbearcats.president@gmail.com




We have a number of roles we always need to fill at our nine Premier League home games (first home game Saturday 8 April), ranging from putting out seats, to Games Commissioner, to taking stats, to helping behind the bar and, this year, cooking hot dogs at courtside. Training is provided for all of these. If you can help on Premier League game nights then let Darrel know at darrelsimmons@yahoo.com.au




Finally, the club is always looking for new (or old) faces to join our coaching ranks. If you would like to get involved but have been a bit shy about putting your hand up – go on, do it. Training will be provided with mentoring from very experienced coaches in the club. Please contact the appropriate age group coaching director listed on the club website at www.westbearcats.net/contact

If you are looking to start out, the club is offering introductory courses in coaching, refereeing, stats and scoretable operation during April and May. Visit the club website at www.westbearcats.net/introductory-courses for details.

Or if your child’s team doesn’t have a Team Manager – once again, put your hand up. Coaches already do a lot and the team manager is there to provide support in getting messages out, making sure everyone is on TeamStuff (training provided via our TeamStuff guru Bridgette McCarthy!), and generally ensuring sure things go as smoothly as possible.