2019/2020 Summer Squads and additional information

Initial squads for the 2019/20 Summer junior basketball season (under 10/12/14/16/18) are now available here:


General Information

Please note that these are initial squads only. The club will use Summer season to further refine the squads and teams. It is not uncommon for players to rotate between squads/teams during Summer season, and even in the Winter season, depending on form/development, team positional needs, and players arriving or departing.

Further information regarding registration and other admin will be communicated via Head Coaches and/or Age Group Coordinators over the coming week. 


The gradings (which teams are placed in each Division by Basketball SA) have not yet been released, so some teams may end up in a higher or lower division than initially indicated here.


Summer season junior District games will start on Thursday October 17 (for U16 Division 3-6 teams), Friday October 18 (for Div 1 and Div 2 U12/14/16 teams and all U18 teams) and Saturday October 19 (for U10s and all other U12/14 teams).  The Summer district season is a truncated season, with nine weeks before Christmas and then four weeks after the Australia Day long weekend. The 2020 Winter District season will start in mid-March.  



Please contact the Head Coach of each age group initially if you have any on-court questions, or the Age Group Coordinator if you have any admin questions. Coordinators will add all players to TeamStuff over the next week or two. TeamStuff is a mobile app through which the club communicates important information to players and their families.


BSA Registration - compulsory for all players

All District players must register again with Basketball SA (BSA) before they are able to play in Summer. This year there is a fee payable to BSA on registration, which is separate to the club playing fees. Parents are advised to register their child as soon as practical. Please follow this link to register and for information about obtaining clearances from other clubs.

The separate club fees will be set soon and published in early October. 

Please note: Players who have not paid their fees for previous seasons will not be allowed to represent the club in Summer season until payment or other arrangements are made. 


Extended club office hours for new uniforms


The club office will have extra opening hours in the coming weeks to enable uniforms to be sized up and ordered for the new season. Please aim to place orders before Thursday 3 October. 

The playing uniform costs $120 (singlet & shorts). You will need to try on a uniform for sizing. There is an approximate 6-8 week delivery time for uniforms. The club will arrange loan uniforms for use early in the season as necessary.


As part of uniform ordering new players first need to request a uniform number by emailing the player name, date of birth, gender, age group and potential division to bearcatnumbers@gmail.com


A number will then be issued in the following 2 days. 


Office hours:

  • Wednesday 25 September - 4.30pm-6pm

  • Sunday 29 September - 9am-11am (normal hours)

  • Monday 30 September - 5pm-8pm

  • Tuesday 1 October - 4.30pm-6pm

  • Wednesday 2 October - 4.30-6pm (normal hours)

If you are unable to attend the office any of the above times please email Gaby at westbearcatsoffice@gmail.com and she may be able to arrange an alternate time to meet you.