2016 Senior Awards

Congratulations to all the Award Winners from our 2016 Senior Program.

Premier League Women   


Most Valuable Player - Tahlia Fejo (decided by highest tally at Halls Medal)

Bearcat Medal - Stana Zecevic (decided by highest tally of weekly votes)

Best Team Player - Trudy Holland

Senior Women


Div 2 Women      

Most Valuable Player - Michaela Lappin      

Best Team Player - Amy Porter


Div 3 Women      

Most Valuable Player - Elle Finos   

Most Valuable Player - Jess McKee


Div 4 Women      

Best Team Player - Tammy-Lee Barned         

Most Improved Player - Sarah Donnelly


Youth League Women


U23 Women Div 1            

Most Valuable Player - Joanna Arnold         

Best Team Player - Evie Lovell


U23 Women Div 2 Black  

Most Improved Player - Hannah Fahey

Best Team Player - Jayne Arnold


U23 Women Div 2 Red     

Most Valuable Player - Kaylah Usher           

Most Improved Player - Miah Atkinson


Premier League Men        


Most Valuable Player - Demetrius Perkins (decided by highest tally at Woolacott Medal)

Bearcat Medal - Demetrius Perkins (decided by highest tally of weekly votes)

Most Improved Player - Todd Winter          


Senior Men

Div 2 Men           

Most Valuable Player - Lucas Valk 

Most Improved Player - Todd Winter          


Youth League Men


U23 Men Div 1   

Most Dedicated Player - Darcy Kenny

Most Consistent Player - Sam Darling


U23 Men Div 2   

Most Valuable Player - Shane Ellul

Most Consistent Player - Mitch Boulton


U23 Men Div 3   

Most Consistent Player - Mitchell Cawthorne                          

Best Team Player - Matthew Haufe


U23 Men Div 4 Red           

Most Valuable Player - Edyn Baldassina

Most Improved Player - Jake Atkinson


U23 Men Div 4 Black        

Most Valuable Player - Johny Hem

Most Improved Player - Jack Edwards         


Club Awards 


Dora Mudge Award - Tahlia Fejo    

Keith Miller Award - Lucas Valk